The  Malt  Project
Q & A's and filmclips about Malts


What is Single Malt Scotch?
Single means it is made at one distillery. Malt means it comes from malted barley. Scotch means it is made in Scotland and is aged a minimum of three years. However, most single malts on the market are aged ten years or more. The age statement represents the youngest whisky in the bottle. There may be older whisky in the bottle as well, but it is from the same distillery. Single malt differs from blended whisky in that blended whisky contains spirits from several distilleries and some grain whisky (not made from malted barley). Single malts are a wee bit more rare than blends, as blended whisky makes up about 90% of the current market.

So "Why"
The Malt Project?

No, we're not just a group of guys who like to drink Scotch! We feel there is something special about Single Malt Scotch Whisky and we want to share our findings with you. The 80 or so working distilleries in
Scotland are something special. They're part of Scottish  heritage and history. And the excitement of nosing and tasting the different malts is really something special. Every malt is different and offer a new and exciting taste and nosing sensation.

What's the percentage of single malt compared to blended Scotch whisky?
About 90% of all Scotch whisky is in blends and the popularity of blends -- especially premium blends is growing. Although some distilleries may produce nearly 100% of their spirit in single malts, most will be from 2 to around 10 or 20%.

How much content is on the DVDs?
Each volume of The Malt Project is about three hours of original new material. Each disc has several separate chapters. Volume V is one disk and is less expensive and about 90 minutes.

Will it play in Europe and Asia? (And of course the US)
The Malt Project has been mastered in NTSC and is country code 1 – 9 compatible. As a result it will play on NTSC as well as PAL. Most DVD players and reasonably new TV receivers in
Europe are multi-standard sets. We've had no problem with anyone who has bought copies, regardless of where they live.

What about language?  All volumes are in English – or at least with a Scottish dialect and English narration. And, no we cannot distribute in foreign languages!

Were is the least expensive place to buy single malts?
Most anywhere other than Scotland because of high duties and taxes.

What's your favorite Malt?
People ask us that all the time. We'd be fibbing if we didn't say we have "several", and, if you're into malts you'll find the same thing true. We agree with the late Michael Jackson; it depends on the mood you're in and whether it's before, during or after dinner. Or sometimes we’d say it’s the malt in your glass. 
Islay malts are generally peaty and smokier than Speyside or Highland malts  You can learn about all of them from the various volumes of The Malt Project. Another thing Michael Jackson (our whisky god) used to say is that there may be bad beers but there are really no bad whiskys.

What's your favorite "breakfast malt?"
Well, that's a secret!

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